Instagram help hackers maintain access to hacked accounts

My account was hacked. For a year there is no way to get back access. Hacker controls the account, and Instagram helps him do it.

Personally i am just fed up with the way Instagram (Facebook) is operating, and i will use strong words for it. Instagram helps hackers control hacked accounts. And i will prove you it is like i say.

My account was hacked. Hacker changed name, password and e-mail. Instagram states that when e-mail change happens, you will receive an email about it, to revert it. I didn’t receive it.

But i had phone number associated with this account, so it should be easy to regain access right?

When you log in to the app on phone, you can ask for password reset on phone.

I did it, and was successful to change the password.

But after logging in, only a message shows: “Please help validate your identity”. Ask for help signing in.

It has one button that directs to the Instagram Help.

And there is no information how to ask for this help there!

In the Instagram Help there is a line stating that i should request help in the app.

But when i go to the app only solutions are:

  1. Go to Instagram Help
  2. Send reset password link to the phone (and after there is button to go to Help)
  3. Send reset password to email

So like i said before, a hacker email account is now set on this account. So instructions go to hacker.

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Also i have spend a lots of time digging out info from Internet how to proceed.

Look: like all forms Instagram provided years ago are gone!

There is no way to regain access to the account.

It is shameful. Instagram owned by Facebook actually does everything in his power to maintain hacker access to the account!

Also i have tried other ways to solve it. One, very dissapointing is to mark account as impersonation. I did it with a message the account got hacked actually and help to regain access (with ID provided and my photo).

What was the result? I received a message that it seems like a login problem and i should go to Instagram Help.

So to sum it up:

  1. Hacker controls my account
  2. I can not regain access
  3. Instagram does not provide way to do it by design

Instagram is supporting Hackers

And you all talk about fake news etc. When Instagram owned by Facebook just allows hackers to control legimate people accounts with photos etc.

And yes. Just if anyone is curious i can see parts of the email hacker has. It is a Russian Email Address.


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