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Ebook Bringing creative teaching into the young learner classroom - Into the Classroom

...Personalize your English lessons for young learners with new ideas for motivating children to speak English, encouraging learner autonomy and self-assessment, and getting the most out of your coursebook.
Ebook Cultural Awareness - Resource Books for Teachers

...This very popular series gives teachers practical advice and guidance, together with resource ideas and materials for the classroom.
Ebook Focus on Oral Interaction - Oxford Key Concepts for the Language Classroom

...Explores the role of oral interaction for second language learning from cognitive, social, pedagogical and linguistic perspectives, with a focus on research relevant to English language learners aged 5-18 in a variety of classroom contexts.
Ebook Grammar for Young Learners - Primary Resource Books for Teachers

...Helps teachers of young learners introduce and practise grammar in a fun and motivating way. Steers a middle course between grammar-based and communicative approaches to teaching: meaning is the main focus of all language teaching and grammar is an intrinsic part of making meaning explicit.
Ebook Technology Enhanced Language Learning: connection theory and practice - Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers

...How can you use technology for pedagogic purposes in the language classroom? Technology Enhanced Language Learning discusses how the use of technology opens up opportunities for learning, how it enables different types of learning, and how it affects language use.
Ebook The Internet - Primary Resource Books for Teachers

...Opens up new opportunities for language learning, with the World Wide Web providing access to material on almost any topic.
Ebook Marvin

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