Design a complete Voice over IP (VoIP) or traditional PBX system with Asterisk, even if you have only basic telecommunications knowledge. This bestselling guide makes it easy, with a detailed roadmap that shows you how to install and configure this open source software, whether upgrading your existing phone system or starting from scratch.Ideal for Linux administrators, d evelopers, and power users, this updated edition shows you how to write a basic dialplan step-by-step, and brings you up to speed on the features in Asterisk 11, the latest long-term support release from Digium. You...ll quickly gain working knowledge to build a simple yet inclusive system.Integrate Asterisk with analog, VoIP, and digital telephony systemsBuild an interactive dialplan, using best practices for more advanced featuresDelve into voicemail options, such as storing messages in a databaseConnect to external services including Google Talk, XMPP, and calendarsIncorporate Asterisk features and functions into a relational database to facilitate information sharingLearn how to use Asterisk...s security, call routing, and faxing featuresMonitor and control your system with the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)Plan for expansion by learning tools for building distributed systems Ebook porusza temat Asterisk:. Jedną z istotnych spraw poruszanych w ebooki jest: Definitive. Jeśli interesuje Cię: Future, to ebook dla Ciebie. Dużo wiedzy na temat: Telephony w formacie EPUB, MOBI i PDF. Hasło przewodnie tego ebooka to Edition.


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